Saturday, January 08, 2005


Things One:

There can't be too many occasions when Nick Cave fans would snuggle happily beside devotees of the McGarrigle Sisters. Brooding rock poet Cave sharing the same bill as trilling French-Canadian folk singers Kate and Anna? Hardly. And how comfortable would ultra-hip connoisseurs of Rufus Wainwright be cuddling up to followers of the oddball country duo the Handsome Family?

Pretty clueless opening to story about Came So Far for Beauty show Nick Cave fans listening to folk music, whatever next?

Things Two:

Several people now have pointed out my failure to note the death of legendary guitarist Hank Garland. Dropped the ball, sorry.

Things Three:

Got on dig again last night, spruiking for Randy Newman's I Miss You as best break up song. I had to try for a hour, but I pounded that redial button like someone trying to win Eagles tickets from 2WS. Michael Mackenzie commented my choice was "a corker" and indeed it is. Evangelising Randy might be my '05 project. Where is the love, people? When I am an eccentric billionaire with a mountain I will carve out a musical Mt Rushmore: Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Bruce Springsteen, Randy Newman.

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