Monday, January 03, 2005

Chrissie Pressie Round Up #2

My sister (soon to join the blogging world. Watch this space) is the most exceptional exploiter of op shop resources in the world. She kindly turned these unique talents to picking the eyes out of the discarded LP collections of the central west for me and my blog, and thus you.

Tony Barber Country Barber

Oh goody, I thought. I can so use that "teeth pulled" line in my snarky commentary on this gem. Like, you don't need to go Ye Olde Coloniale Worlde to get your teeth pulled without anaesthesia, just listen to this. Ha, ha!

Sadly, I must report it isn't actually that bad. I mean, not good exactly but no worse than any number of 1970s country albums, when the Nashville Sound was still keeping the world's violinists occupied. Amusing spoken word part in Tennessee Waltz is a winner. Very smooth.

I was trying to work out a whole "Who Am I?" structure to this post, Sale of the Century like. But, really, it was too much work.

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