Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Tamwords Days 2,3,4,5

Did I mention the heat? Well, it's hot although a bit of rain has taken the edge off. We're camping on the North Tamworth Footy Oval (Go the Bears!), and you venture inside your tent between about 9am and 7pm at your own risk.

Together at Last "A Country Music Circus" has set up in the middle of our oval. On the sign they have mispelt country (I'll leave just how to your imagination.)

My Fourth Favourite Arkansas-ian Revelation so far as been Bo Jenkins who plays with his band Roadtrain everynight from Midnight at the Wests Diggers Club (getting in is harder than passing Checkpoint Charlie, though. If you're gonna stop by remember to bring 100 points of ID, a medical certificate and a note from your mum.) Bo is a Mississippi Delta boy transplanted to the NSW north coast, via Melbourne. The official Bo Jenkins singlet I'm wearing says "a fine blend of rock, blues and country" and that's about right. Real damn fine. Check 'em out.

Lock It In, Slim I won a country music trivia contest.

Briefly ... some of the great gigs I've seen: Rob Luckey and the Lucky Bastards, Leslie Avril again, Andy Baylor's Cajun Combo (discovered The Baylor Brothers do a version of Flop Eared Mule on one their albums), rev J.D Love, Mark Lucas and the Bad Hats, Truckstop Honeymoon, Alby Poole, Wanita, Bill Chambers' sessions at The Pub with Catherine Britt, Josh Canning, Ray Hoff, Red Hot Poker Dots, The Detonators, Johnny Green's Blues Cowboys, a Northern Territory showcase featuring the Toe Sucking Cowgirls, plus Warren H Williams, Gus Williams and many other assorted Williamses, Buddy Knox playing with Wanita, he did a set with a woman whose name I didn't catch but it was awesome bluesy funk, Johnny Greenwood, and many others I've caught a few songs of on my travels. Plus about a million buskers, whose spirit and persistance never cease to amaze me.

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