Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Praise the Lord and Pass the Wikipedia

This is the front cover of Buddy Miller's new album. Look at it. Commit it to memory. It is called Universal United House of Prayer. His name is Miller, with an M, as in Keith. He'll be in the "Country" section most likely. Go, find, get.

It's a gospel album, to be sure. But if blackhearted nonbelievers like me can dig it, you have no excuse. People who will love this album could include, but is not limited to, adherents to beliefs and world views described as Nestorianism, Atheism, Catholicism, Lutheran, Wiccan, Amish, agnosticism, Druzism, Sufism, Wahhabism (OK, maybe not those galahs), Kabbalism, Gnosticism, Anglicanism, Juche, Jedi Knightism, Judaism, Samaritanism, Shaktism, Vedanta, Amish, Satanism, Jainism, Santeria, Ptah worshippers, Thor worshippers, Queatzocoatl worshippers, Vin Diesel worshippers, Spiritualism, Scientology, Sikhism, Itan, Druidism, Hellenismos, snake handlers, Southern Baptist (very safe bet), Odinism, Kokopelli worshipper, Cthulhu worshipper, Order of the Solar Temple, Methodism, Russian Orthodox, Dragon Rouge, Opus Dei, Judeo-Paganism, Faery Wicca, Raelism, Shinto, Islam, Zoroastrian, Falun Dafa, Moonies, Quakers, Church of Jesus Christ Elvis, Taoism, Ananda Marga, Uniting, Animist, Theosphy, Pentecostals, Klingons and people who couldn't give a damn either way.

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