Thursday, November 11, 2004

Fourth Welch/Rawlings show in Melbourne announced. Thursday 16th at the Forum.

The country colonisation of Ozblogistan continues apace with Immanuel Rant's adventures in country here and here. Resistance is futile.

More Boney on Gil and David. I told you he does it way better than me.

Zoilus on Gretchen Wilson (and Neko Case and Loretta Lynn.)

Thursday listening:

The Gift soundtrack Spooky Cate Blanchett film with excellent soundtrack, including perhaps the most chilling country song ever recorded - Loretta Lynn's Mama Why? featuring the truly freaky vocals of Lynn's son Ernest Ray. Little boy wants to know why God took Daddy, Loretta replies with some spoken word theological nonsense. I don't know what the poppet looks like but this springs to mind

You get the feeling the child in the song is about to take himself and mama off to visit Daddy in Heaven just as soon as he can get his hands on a blunt object.

The Blazers Puro Blazers Rocking Mexican-American "latino roots rock."

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