Thursday, November 25, 2004

Boney has attempted to lift me out of ennui with news that Jolie Holland is touring. Boney sez: "Jolie is sort of an edgier, spookier Norah Jones. She's got some jazz sophistication and some bluesy rough edges and some country-folksiness and some creepy Harry Smith / Jungian-fever-dream lyrics."

08 Dec 04 - Hopetoun
Surry Hills, Australia

09 Dec 04 - Vanguard
Newtown, Australia

10 Dec 04 - Cornish Arms
Brunswick, Australia

12 Dec 04 - Meredith Festival
Meredith, Australia

13 Dec 04 - Manchester Lane
Melbourne, Australia

She co founded the Be Good Tanyas but left after the first album. Tickets are $30 for the Vanguard.

UPDATE: I went over to ABC' DiG radio site to check out what they have to say about Ms Holland and there is some new Gillian/David stuff up, including a review by Brian Wise and an interview.

Oh and next Monday Brian Wilson is appearing at HMV Pitt St at 5pm. He is only signing copies of SMiLE so leave the surfboards at home.

UPDATE 2: Hilarious site of the day found at expectingrain. Unfortunately, most of Dylan's characters lack noble qualities.

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