Tuesday, August 29, 2006

A Subsequent Engagement

My advertised live blogging of Modern Times today has been kicked off the agenda on account of ... I will be on Radio National's The Music Show on Saturday to talk about it and related Dylanaria. I don't want to be left with nothing to say so I need to horde my thoughts and impressions for the more refined audience of RN and not waste them on the likes of you. ;-) And I don't have the time today. Both reasons equally. It could be a disaster and if after recording on Friday I tell you not to listen, you'll obey, right?

Expecting Rain
has a million and one reviews and in the Ozblogisphere, see Catallaxy.

UPDATE: For whatever reason, Bob likes to give exclusives to Edna Gundersen at USA Today. Some great quotes in this interview. Whenever I hear her name, I think of Edna Kpabappel, can't help it. Sorry to all the Ednas.

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