Friday, August 11, 2006

Blog Gone Wrong

Once upon a time, I used to blog and it came easily and, sure, it was just light hearted nonsense done mainly to amuse myself and kill time but I did it and did it regularly. Dear readers, I have lost the blogging mojo. Once, I used to update pretty much daily, several times a day even. What did I blog about? How did I do it? I don't remember! I have been busy but that excuse only goes so far. Why can't I come up with anything even when I have a lot of time? I do have a plan to live blog my first listening of the new Bob Dylan album, but that is not for weeks. I have been doing CD reviews only because I can't come up with anything independently. Some nice, meaty longer pieces are in order. Or even stupid, meaningless shorter pieces. I am baffled, bemused, bewildered, bewitched and banging my head on the bloody keyboard.

I have been up nights thinking about ways to shake myself out of this cyber funk and I have come up with this.

You tell me what to do. I'm always much better at getting things done when I have a deadline and the crushing weight of expectation upon me. Tell me what you want to see blogged about (music related preferably) and I solemnly promise to do it, as quickly as I can.

Your mission is to save my blogging soul. Help me!

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