Thursday, August 17, 2006

Blog Overlord

Blogger gets a guernsey in the Observer's list of Websites Which Changed the World

They wrote about and read about their friends, their opinions, their cats. (There was a lot about cats in the early blogs.)

There is still a bit of a sense in which having a Blogger address is like the AOL email addy of old, a scarlet mark on your credibility while the cool kidz are all on Wordpress or Movable Type. But not so much and I am happy to say it's a great system. Reliable (as much as anything on line is) and very simple to use. The design of my site is plain, but functional. Daggy, but I like it. If you are thinking of dipping in a toe, Blogger is a perfect platform.

To honour Blogger, here my first ever attempt at the traditional cat blogging:

According to Bob Dylan in his "Devil" Theme Time Radio Show, Sammy joined the Church of Satan. I did not know that.

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