Friday, April 21, 2006


Update: Go here to hear an XM promo with Ol' Golden Microphone Bobby himself (right at the end) inviting us to listen ... Daggy, yet thrilling!

The May 3rd date for Bob Dylan's debut as a disc jockey on XM Satellite Radio draws near and more info arrives.

I have signed up for the USD$8 a month subscription. XM's marketing peple deserve a pay rise. We Dylan tragics are such easy marks.

The theme of the first show is "weather."

Greil Marcus has heard a preview:

“He sounds like he’s been doing it for years,” rock critic and Dylan expert Greil Marcus said in an interview. “In his head he probably has.”

Many of these recordings are quite obscure. Marcus ... enthused that some of the records were new even to him.

A press release with show details and ...

Fans also can e-mail their questions and music requests directly to Bob Dylan at


Song lists for future episodes will be built around themes such as "cars," "dance," "police," and "whiskey."

The show is on at various times the first being 10am US EST Wednesday May 3rd and is repeated several times. Inevitably it will turn up else where on the web but as a fully paid up legitimate subscriber I cannot encourage freeloading ...

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