Monday, April 03, 2006

The paper comments on the fact there are still seats left for the Rolling Stones at Telstra Stadium next (!) week (!). I can't agree the price would be putting people off, $90 (or $150) is hardly over the odds for a big show these days. Except for Rio and the Superbowl this will be their biggest show since October last year, so if you're up the back it might be a bit spacious but down in the thick of it ... well, I can hardly wait.

Having checked a week or so ago, after a new release of tickets and these remaining seats are mostly in the far outer with a few of the most expensive Diamond level ones, which should be long gone by now. I already have a ticket but I haven't (quite) given up getting one in my prefered spot so keep going back in case they release more. Cutting it a bit fine now.

I expect the Ticketek allotment to sell out before the day but the poor scalpers have been caught a bit short as I note on eBay that many tickets are now being sold for half face value.

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