Sunday, November 20, 2005

Tuesday, SBS Bob Fest ctnd

I was surprised to read over brekkie this morning in the Peter FitzSimons' column that "the third part of No Direction Home" is on this Tuesday 22nd Nov on SBS. Pity to see such an expensive education gone to waste, I think what he means is this:

This documentary from D. A Pennebaker, tracks the tail end of Dylan's folksinger's acoustic phase, and focuses on Dylan's seven-city, eight-show tour of England in April and May 1965. Pennebaker's film goes behind the music and while there is plenty of concert footage in the film, most of the action takes place offstage in hotel rooms, cars and trains, and concert-hall green rooms. This film captures the magic of the times and the magic of Dylan, as well as the rhythms of being on the road with musicians. Throughout his body of work, Pennebaker has pioneered the so-called ‘fly-on-the-wall' style of documentary filmmaking, allowing his subjects to speak for themselves without benefit of voiceover narration or other cinematic scaffolding, making him literally one of the most imitated and praised filmmakers working today. (From the US, in English) CC
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Or maybe Elder got to the subbie, just to mess us around.

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