Sunday, November 20, 2005


Apparently (the info seems a little on the unconfirmed side) Link Wray has died. Bugger.

MP3: Fire -- Link Wray (6.7mb)
MP3: Link Wray -- Jason Ringenberg (2.3mb)

If it turns out these reports are exaggerated, its still a good excuse for a couple of great songs.

You'll never see him on the White House lawn
But he rocks out no matter what you're on

Update: More here:
Garage Punk
Sunset Gun
TOra! TOra! TOra!
PCL LinkDump
Reverend Frost
Inaudible Cities

Update 2: And still nothing in the English language news? The blogosphere at least has a little respect. He died in Copenhagen where he lived for the last few years and was buried before any announcement was made, in the Danish press, then picked up elsewhere in Europe. But, come on. Link Wray! Hell in a handbasket, I tell you, this world.

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