Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Real Neil

While trawling the archives for a few old things to highlight in the sidebar, I came across this comment about Neil Diamond. Unusually prophetic for me.

When I am god emperor, I'd ban the underwritten-and-overproduced light romantic thing and make him record a solo acoustic record. If he was very good he could have some organ or a harmoniser or two. But that's it. No Bob Gaudio allowed.

Soon after we learnt Rick Rubin has offered to produce his new album, which was astonishing news. 12 Songs is out next week, and you can listen to it here. Not quite solo acoustic but very stripped back and Neil does most of the heavy lifting on guitar for himself which he hasn't done for decades. On a first and much-buffered listen, I like it.

12 Songs. Interesting, the same name as the Randy Newman LP aka "the best album of the year 1970."

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