Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Save a Mule, Ride a Donkey

The latest hit in Cajun Louisiana is the novelty (and English language) song Ride the Donkey by Don Fontenot et Les Amis de la Louisiane.

"It's the hottest song out right now in the Cajun/zydeco genre," says Todd Ortego, owner of the Music Machine store in Eunice, La., the unofficial Cajun prairie capital. He also co-hosts "The Swamp & Roll Show" on local radio station KBON.

"It was the best seller through the holiday season, being that it was cute so the little kids really liked it, too," Ortego says. "And it was a Cajun-type song that the grandparents bought for their grandkids ... it might be a door to exposing younger people to Cajun and zydeco music."

Ride the Donkey is on the Swallow label, one of several cajun/zydeco/swamp pop labels headed by Floyd Solieau, also responsible for previously mentioned Another Saturday Night which I'm still grooving too. OK, I think we both know I've never actually "grooved" in my life, so let's just say I'm still enjoying it alot.

Listen to a bit of Ride the Donkey here.

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