Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Don't get me wrong about Came So Far for Beauty. I had a wonderful night, there were many highlights and I don't regret it at all. But I stand by my disappointment about the lyric reading, it adversely affected the spirit and atmosphere of the night for me.

I am still on holidays -- today was a dolphin spotting cruise near Jervis Bay -- and this internet cafe is charging $2.75 per 15 minutes (!), so I will get to the good stuff ... soon.

UPDATE: The good things.

All of it was great except the aforementioned nonsense. (My last word on the issue, promise: this somewhat weird review from two years ago. Almost exactly the same setlist, same lyrics sheets!) Goes without saying Nick Cave was excellent, just because he is Nick Cave. And I was glad to see The Handsome Family, Rufus and the McGarrigles since I have missed their separate gigs here. The Handsomes did an awesome, shitkicking Heart With No Companion complete with three pronged string attack. I just love it when violins become fiddles.

Several unknown artists pretty much stole the show. The shuffling, shambling Lou Reed-protege Anthony, hulking in a bad black wig and jumping about like a hyper six year old busting for the loo but with a glorious countertenor voice. The incongruity reminded me of "Michael Jackson" in that Simpsons episode.

The real life Len back up girl singers Julie Christensen and Perla Battalla, beautiful voices, soulful interpretations and seductive performances.

In these things there are always favourite songs you'd hope they do but don't. I was hanging out for the sexiest.song.ever, Dance Me To Your Beauty but mustn't complain.

Sorry about the lack of updating on the gig guide, normal service resumed when I return on the weekend.

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