Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Should have alerted y'all to this days ago. dig is back on the ABC radio nationally (I think, the important states anyway) over summer weeknights from 6.30pm AEDST. This is Brian Wise (editor of Rhythms) and Michael Mackenzie talking about and playing music, be it rock, folk, pop, country, blues, soul, whatever. It's ALL GOOD. They have talkback, quizzes etc as well. It's also possibly those unfortunate enough to live overseas can tune in via the net.

I have hogged my share of air time. On Monday night the talkback topic of the day was what album you would give to someone whose only knowledge of music was through Australian Idol. I got on and suggested Ryan Adams Gold as being catchy pop but also sophisticated enough to be a gentle entry into the world of real music. I was pretty nervous and might have babbled stupidly. I remember confessing to listening to Bros when I was 12. Oh well.

They are also taking suggestions for a poll on Iconic Albums. I left a note in the guest book as Flop Eared Mule suggesting they needed a country album in their selection, and mentioned At Folsom Prison. So last night the old Mule got a mention (as a "he" but if gonna adopt a stupid nom de fan you have to cop that) and they played 25 Minutes to Go.

Not since Blue Hills has there been a better reason to restructure your life around a radio show ....

PS To the person Google keeps referring here looking for post mortem pictures of Bonny Lee Bakley. Sorry, dude, no can do.

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