Thursday, December 30, 2004

New links aded to the Music section, left. Aaron Fox's book Real Country: Music and Language in Working-Class Culture is published by Duke University Press and looks to be a ripper. I will let you know when I get to read it. Unfortunately the blog doesn't seem to be updated regularly but there is plenty of good stuff anyway. I particularly like the slice of life photo essay on the main site (no internal link, click on Photos.)

Nice segue to two of my Chrissie pressies: Smokey Mountain Memories by Willadeene Parton, sister of Dolly. A collection of anecdotes, family history, mamma's recipes, alot about God. Some very poignant old photos, barefoot children and one room shacks. Dolly has written some of the best songs about your classic depression-era impoverished upbringing. Perhaps the ambivalence alot of people would feel are best summed up in her In the Good Old Days (When Times Were Bad):

No amount of money could buy from me
The memories that I have of then
No amount of money could pay me
To go back and live through it again

Working class culture of a different kind now. I was looking forward to spinning one of my LP gifts, The Soviet Army Chorus directed by A.V Alexandrov featuring the toe-tapping "Song About Lenin" and "Song of Anxious Youth. " However further investigation revealed the actual disc inside was Liza Minnelli Live At The Winter Garden. Same same, but different.

I do like Liza-With-A-Zee so its all good. A treat to see her turn up as the Buster-lovin' Lucille 2 in Arrested Development. Channel Seven in its wisdom has dumped this masterpiece late on weekday evenings, check it out if you are not hooked already.

I know she’s a brownish area. With points. And I know I love her!

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