Thursday, December 23, 2004

Do a Good Thing This Christmas

After praising dig yesterday, let's save another ABC musical treasure. I know many of you will be fans of Lucky Oceans' The Planet, Gil Onyett has alerted me to its impending axing! Inconceivable! The Deep End is all very well but its just your average general ABC yaartz programme, the Planet's dedication to fabulous music and only fabulous music must be maintained at its current level. Perhaps we are so spoilt we don't realise what we've got.

Anyway, to the barricades!

After Radio National's Summer Season, the Daily Planet - presented by Lucky Oceans and Doug Spencer, and broadcast 3 - 4 pm weekdays on ABC Radio National - will be axed, to be replaced by a re-located Deep End slated for 2 - 4 pm (currently 8:30 - 10 pm weekdays).

The Nightly Planet will be broadcast from 11:20 pm - 1 am (currently the Daily is repeated 11 pm - midnight, plus a fresh hour midnight to 1 am).

The Daily Planet has been running for over ten years!

This email asks you to protest this change. Post feedback directly at the website (you will not receive a reply to anything posted here), and also email your comments to requesting a reply. (Snailmail to ABC Radio National GPO Box 9994 in your capital city).

Do this as often as possible over the next six weeks.

Together we can let ABC Radio National know we are not happy with the downgrading of the best roots music show on Australian radio.

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