Wednesday, July 21, 2004

The Outcast

If there were an award for the singer/songwriter with the greatest talent but the least recognition, here is the guy. Tom Russell. His The Man From God Knows Where is simply one of my top five albums and an awesome achievement.

I don't have more much to say except: Go. Buy. Listen.

And this is a good article.

While he's tasted success with songs covered by KD Lang and Nanci Griffiths and many others, and his own music was in the top three in the US folk chart last year with Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash, he's an American individualist who runs what he calls a "guerrilla war" to survive under the radar of a music business he has no time for.

"Fuck Nashville. It used to be country and western. What happened to the western part? Now they are only interested in crossover artists like Garth Brooks. These days it's pretty much corporate bullshit."

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