Thursday, July 29, 2004

The Beers Stay Brave and True

Disptach from Beers HQ:

50 Million Beers played at the Coopers Arms hotel in Newtown a couple Sundays back and the feedback has been fanfreakintastic. When the mail got around that we were The Band That Drove Alan Jones Out Of Newtown, the bakelite switchboard went into meltdown ( I got off my chops on the fumes) with requests for us to perform the same service for the long suffering residents of Balmain. So pack yer ports and sling yer hook Paddy McGuiness because 50 Million Beers are playing at a pub NEAR YOU this Sat 31 July, to wit the fabbo Commercial Hotel, Darling St., East Balmain, down the ferry end, from 4 PM. De Beers have fifteen new songs and a new guitarslinger,  no less than our former axeworth the Big Tasmanian Pizz Pizzolato. Together of course with Charlie " Ernest Borgnine" MacLean giving Norm Erskine a dead-set run for his money,  Graham " Walter Brennan" Griffith, the real Man Of Steel, and Mark " Ray Barrett" Cornwall opening a can of worms on the bass. In unplugged drum-free acoustic mode, so all the surrounding Meriton apartments don't fall down. See youse all on Sat from 4 PM.

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