Friday, May 05, 2006

Ramblin' Jack: He Stands Alone, Apparently

File under: another hip rehab of old timey dude.

My friends at report Ramblin' Jack Elliott:

... will be releasing his Anti debut and first new record in a decade on July 11th, 2006. The album, titled I Stand Alone will feature a variety of musicians including Flea, Lucinda Williams, Nels Cline, David Hidalgo, Corin Tucker, DJ Bonebrake.

The track list appears to be trad. "Mr Garfield" is written by Jack, but I only know the Johnny Cash version. DJ Bonebrake (drummer) is a name I haven't heard in a while, of X fame (fame-ish) and then The Knitters. His website notes he has "private instruction lessons to sincere students." I wish X would tour here. What does Costa Mesa, CA. have that I don't have?

For my sisters' benefit I will note that X singer Exene Cervenka is Viggo Mortensen's ex and mother of his child, the child who convinced him to do Lord of the Rings so in a way part of those Oscars belongs to a scruffy Los Angeles country punk outfit.

Jack has been here in the last few years, but I didn't see him. Apparently the old adage "they don't call him "ramblin'" because he travels alot" was proved true.

ALSO: What is up with Keith? I don't know and so wouldn't post about it but in case you were concerned about yesterday's brain surgery story (please note: a story which first appeared in the UK Sun), read this. Of course PR flaks are just as (more) capable of fibbing but at least it squares the ledger back to: chill, we still have no idea.

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