Friday, May 26, 2006

Friday Lazy Blogging and a Procrastinating Detour

Don't forget: Dylan Radio Marathon 2SER Saturday 27th from 8pm. See below post for details international times.

I had planned to have some actual blogging here today, about the newish Tom Russell CD. But the time today I set aside for "do Tom thing" was actually spent in "sleep." In the glorious tradition of our craft and following Rock and Roll Damnation, here's some lazy blogging. An iTunes random selection.

Minor Enough Wrinkle Neck Mules
The Way We Make a Broken Heart Rosanne Cash
Finders Keepers The Miller Sisters (Sun Hillbill compilation)
Goddamn HIV Mary Gauthier (Number of really good country songs about AIDS? Four by my count. Two on this album and two on Rodney Crowell's The Houston Kid)
Undercover of the Night The Rolling Stones
Orange Blossom Special Johnny Cash
This Wheel's on Fire The Band (Rock of Ages live album)
We Shall Overcome Bruce Springsteen (since last we met, I decided I really like this album)
Sin City Dwight Yoakam
Visit Me in Music City Bobby Bare, Jr

I don't do personal blogging as a rule (trust me, it would be even more boring than the normal stuff). But having exhausted all other avenues of procrastination and since I got a scanner this week, a little personal rambling is over the fold.

Instead of blogging I've been studying. I always joked I blog to kill time, believe me it is true. No time no blog. Anyway. Last year, I thought about my junior management dead-end job and what I was going to do about it.

And I thought: you know what would give me the edge in today's competitive global economy? Egyptology, that's what.

So here I am. (Here, actually) Doing two subjects at night, one of which is hieroglyphs. Here's my last hieroglyphs class test in which I make two idiot mistakes. It is entirely typical of me to get the complex things right and completely blank out the simplest part, which I completely know. In life generally. I have teh dumb! Still the marks are good enough I can relax about this part of the assessment. The real test though will be the major exam in a few weeks and the major assignment I am currently working on, in the second picture. Of course you can find translations of this online but ours needs to be strictly literal. It involves elephants, as you can see.

Click for bigger version.

Now, to essay I must go. I'll be back out though to watch the Knights on Friday Night Footy so maybe I'll get that Tom Russell thing done then. Ha!

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