Monday, January 16, 2006

More Tamworth

Walk the Line premiere which sadly I will probably miss:

Australia's first screening of the Johnny Cash biographical movie, Walk The Line, is the latest jewel in the crown of the 2006 Telstra Country Music Festival.

This special advanced screening is on Saturday, January 28, at 2pm at Tamworth's Regent Cinema and is being run by the Australian Country Music Foundation as a fundraiser for the Australian Country Music Hall of Fame project.

I'll be careful not to let the excitement get to me:

"A lot of the people that come out for the Festival lead fairly passive lives. But during the Festival their days start quite early and finish up late, which means they get quite fatigued and that can lead to poor health."

Someone should tell the local paper ...

January 2006 Events
Sorry, there are currently no Entertainment events listed for this month.

Be part of the Peel St madness via webcams. Just like being there but without the heatstroke and yodelling toddlers.

The official programme is online in PDF.

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