Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Whiskey, Highways, Honky Tonks

Crossposted at HickoryWind.

So, I said to Steve at Yesterday and Today records, I've got this thing to write for Hickory Wind and I need some inspiration. You know everything that's out, and I mean everything. You know what I like. Tell me what to listen to. He passed my way the new John Williamson record The Whiskey and the Highway. And, no, for our Australian readers not that John Williamson. Think, less Cootamundra, more south Georgia.

Somewhere on the website he's described as "the finest Texas songwriter the state of Georgia's ever produced." With all the Peach Staters around here to object I wouldn't want to make that claim, but there's a definate Texas country-folk flavour in the classic Nashville mix. Melodic drinking, cheating and rambling songs. What's not to like?

I did a little test. Make an iTunes playlist; a little bit of Charlie Robison, a little REK, carefully selected Alan Jackson and George Strait, some Dale Watson, Dwight, Kris, Guy. Add a few John Williamson songs. Hit shuffle and go about your business (in my case: three foot of washing up, and risin') How does it sound? Like a fit?

Another test for real country music. Does it make you kinda wish you could actually stomach whiskey? Want to go out and get your heart righteously broken just so you can stay up all night getting drunk and listening to it, just so it was more real? Wish it wasn't a Tuesday night so you could do just that?

The Whiskey and the Highway
passes both trials.

As does Amber Digby's Music from the Honky Tonks which I also picked up while over at Yesterday and Today. She and Justin Trevino are playing some gigs here soon, and she comes highly recommended. The album title sums it up, that classic honky tonk fiddle crunching out hurting songs, including a couple of my very favorites Close Up the Honky Tonks and You're Still On My Mind.

Don't believe them when they complain about Country Music Today. It's out there alright.

And another reason I'm glad these records came into my life is, otherwise I'd have to write about the rather egregious Grand Theft Parsons which I watched today. And you wouldn't like me when I'm mildly disgusted.

PS, I was going to turn off comments on these HickoryWind posts but I can't til I get my premium Haloscan account. So, anything you want to say, please do so over at HW, but beehive yourself. Don't disgrace me.