Thursday, August 12, 2004

It is a bad sign, I think, when a person writes a concert review about one person and ends up spending most of the article talking about someone else entirely. Even worse when that someone else is Bob Dylan. It is beyond my powers to imagine a Rodney Crowell gig (with Will Kimborough!) being "a huge bore."

But then I love his songwriting and his singing, and that bloke doesn't which probably has something to do with it.

Call me crazy, but I think it is time to stop referring to everyone who plays a guitar and sings as "a would-be Dylan" and let's can the search for the new one.

If for no other reason than that we still have the old one.

Back to Rodney Crowell, The Houston Kid is one of the best albums of the last few years.

Nick Cave film

The film, set in the early 19th century, is "an epic Australian story about family, loyalty and betrayal ... a sort of gothic Western that is to Australia what 'Unforgiven' was to America," said producer Chris Brown.

Little Steven's Garage Rock Festival

New York Dolls reunion going ahead, despite the death of Arthur Kane.

Rapper's Career has Hit Obstacle: Prison

Prison stays are not always detrimental to musicians' careers.

Steve Earle, the country-rock singer/songwriter, spent a brief time in jail in the early 1990s on a drug-related charge, but since his release has written critically acclaimed albums. And Johnny Cash's storied concert at San Quentin in California inspired an inmate there, Merle Haggard, to pursue a country-music career.

Lucinda Williams Totally Unprepared

Rare lukewarm review.

"I never tried to be a performer, y'all," the singer said. "I am an artist and I just want to sing my songs."

It was Williams's way of apologizing, perhaps, for the disjointed, uneven, and often confused attempt at delivering a bona fide concert for the sold-out crowd.

Normal service resumes: This reporter loves Lucinda.

Roseanne Cash salutes father, delights fans at Musikfest

Tom Russell Diary update

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