Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Be Careful What You Wish For

Loretta Lynn will release a cookbook, You're Cookin' It Country on September. 8. It features more than 130 recipes such as Doolittle's Cat-Head Biscuits (Doolittle was her husband, he had the perfectly good real name of Oliver) and Loretta's Wilted Lettuce.

I had dinner once at Virgil's BBQ off Times Square in NYC which promised real southern food. I was determined to have the most southern meal I could so I chose fried catfish for my main (which the Seppos eccentrically call an "entree"); it was caught, no doubt, by a young barefoot boy with a reed pole and straw hat. I had "biscuits" (not the Tim Tam kind, the scone-esque kind) and cheese grits as a side. I was warned against the grits, but with a million country songs twanging through my brain, I blithely went ahead. It tasted like Clag, only less pleasant.

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