Thursday, September 06, 2007

APEC MP3 Edition

Yes, I am posting today, although I am loathe to push Teddy down the page because SERIOUSLY! I LOVE IT. Actually, I already know what I'm doing for tomorrow. Suck on that.

Picked up last month's Uncut today. Has an A-Z of Dylan People. I think I've said before somewhere here -- who can keep track -- I recently discovered Bob Neuwirth's latter career as a singer-songwriter, a very nice Guy/Townes/InsertTexasIdentityHere line. And not just that kinda annoying Dylan hanger-on ...

So here's some Bob Neuwirth. From the album 99 Monkeys. It was going to be more APEC-y, he has a song on there called "Ancient Questions (War & Peace)" which isn't nearly as awful as it sounds. But, meh. I feel like these instead.

MP3s: Biding Her Time and Biggest Bordertown.

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