Friday, February 02, 2007

Art Imitating Life Imitating Art ...

This story did the rounds last week,

A fugitive who apparently fled to Tennessee to see his ailing mother was being sought yesterday in Florida in the theft of a tour bus owned by country singer Crystal Gayle.

A man believed to be Christopher Daniel Gay, who is being sought on felony theft and escape charges, was seen Thursday with the bus at a racetrack in Lakeland, Fla., telling the manager he was there to pick up NASCAR driver Tony Stewart.

Convict. Dying mother. Country star (in her own right and sister of Loretta Lynn). NASCAR. Wanted in numerous states. Inevitably everyone said, "this should be a country song!"

Well, now it is. Master bluegrasser Tim O'Brien does a very fine job on short notice, to the tune of Pretty Boy Floyd. (link direct to MP3) I especially like the bit about the colour of his momma's eyes.

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