Monday, June 19, 2006


Craig also gave me a run down on a couple of local Melbourne outfits you might want to check out, in person for Bleak City residents and cyberly for the rest of us.

Another band I recommend to you is "Because We Can" they are an acoustic country band originally from Ballarat but now live in Melbourne. They are fronted by two sisters one of them plays acoustic guitar the other plays mandolin, both of them sing. They are backed by bass, drums and fiddle. They write their own songs and do a small amount of covers including
"Rawhide" and "Jackson" (which they changed the name to "Frankston" for some funny reason). They are getting quite a following here in Melbourne. If they tour in Sydney please make sure you catch them.

Their websites:
Because We Can
My Space site
There are lots of songs of theirs to download on their main site.

Another band from Melbs I recommend is
"The Bitter Sweets" a trio: Dave Doolan on Maton acoustic guitar, Jen Land on vocals and Chris Taylor on acoustic and electric guitars and banjo. They do a mixture of originals and covers of country and traditional folk tunes, including "A Bible and A Gun".

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